Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Photo Talk: The pre-kiss

I love the look people get who are in love, and are about to kiss each other. Most of time the picture is more flattering the second before we kiss.
Next time you are taking a photo of someone kissing, take them leading up to the kiss. And you'll see what I mean. It's the anticipation.
More of this lovely couple and their seriously CUTE twin girls here.


Susie said...

Oh my HECK those girls are the cutest. You got some seriously great pictures. That I'm sure was not easy to do!! AWESOMe

Heather M. said...

i agree - what a beautiful photo!

Jess said...

that is so cute and those twins are adorable. It must be so fun to catch people in those moments.

Amanda said...

Great Picture!

Drennans said...

that was our only wedding picture of the two of us that we got and it was awesome...the just a second before the kiss picture!