Monday, August 11, 2008

My three kids


• is getting excited that Kindergarden is coming soon.
• is a really really good helper with Eli and Lucy
• gets diapers, turns on the mobile, and entertains Eli as much as possible
• LOVES playing with Sam our neighbor boy and calls him his best friend

• is getting very tall and even more skinny (which is hard to believe possible!)
• his body shape is reminding me of mine and my little brother Justin when we were his age.... scrawny legs and body and big knees and elbows
• has recently discovered math and is constantly asking what various number combinations are. I taught him how to add using his fingers and he is in LOVE with this new skill
• recently learned the pattern in counting numbers (that after 20,30,40 it turns back to 1,2,3,4 etc)
• just finished reading the Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1 with Dad at bedtime
• unfortunately is now scared of the dark :(
• loves to read the scriptures at night
• rotates sleeping from the top bunk to the bottom bunk
• loves to ride "his" bike which is actually Lucy's but it is way easier to pedal than his real one
• still loves all things Thomas and cars
• is getting to be a real whiz on the computer
• loves to type letters in Word
• filled an entire notebook (of about 150 pages) of drawings in 2 hours in a drive to southern Alberta
• loves make up stories from his dad
• is finally eating lunch most days after only eating two meals a day for about a yaer
• gave a talk in church yesterday about the Holy Ghost
• loves to listen to books on CD and tape (we do it in the van while we travel) and has now listened to Charolette's Web, The Castle in the Attic, the BFG, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, George's Marvelous Medicine and more)
• puts away his own clothes (and makes his drawers a COMPLETE mess!)
• is such a sweet boy and a pleasure to raise!

Lucy Ann...

• is in LOVE with holding Eli
• announces a million times a day, "Mom, isn't Eli so cute!"

• is still adjusting to the idea of having a baby around and now constantly follows me around the house. When I exercise on the treadmill she sits on the floor beside it, she waits outside the bathroom door, she lays in my bed with me, etc.
• loves to help in the kitchen and has to stand on a chair RIGHT beside me
• would sit and be read to ALL day if I would
• loves all things Dora and Princesses
• can completely get dressed by herself. Including putting on her pull ups. (She wanted to go running the sprinkler, so she went up to her room, opened her drawers, got out a swim diaper and swim suit, completely undressed herself, put on the swim diaper and swim suit and then after playing got all the way dressed in her clothes and pull up. With NO help.
• and yet, absolutely refuses to use the toilet, claiming she is too little to do that and needs diapers or pull ups. No treats or bribery of any form encourage her to go at all
• wakes up every morning and asks for a clean pull up as soon as she pees
• is in love with seeing dogs and asks to pet everyone she sees
• loves our neighbor Isabell and asks to play with her and asks for make up stories about her and Isabell as princesses
• loves Nursery at church
• is STILL so noisey in church. Talking constantly.
• has no filter at all. Whatever she is thinking comes out her mouth
• has to pick out her own clothes and asks for the same shirt every day. Cause it says I love Canada. Then announces for the whole day that she lives in Canada. And asks where various people live
• loves to do crafts with mom and on her own. Yesterday we stamped, cut and glued during Eli's nap to make cards.
• loves to iChat with Grandmas
• wishes that she could live at Grandmas' house like her cousin Ali
• calls the museum the magazine and often askes to go
• still throws a mean fit
• is obsessed with bug bites and owies
• loves play food and little people
• still asks what Eli is eating at every breast feed. We told her Mommy Milk that is only for babies so she brings her dolls to me for milk
• sleeps with a little group of friends - puppy, bunny and sheep

Eli at 6 weeks old....

• is still feeding every 2 hours
• is smiling at his momma while breastfeeding
• is wearing size 2 diapers
• still fits into most 0-3 month clothes
• has not lost any of his hair
• sleeps best when you hold him
• loves to stare at faces
• gets a little over loved by Lucy and most of the time he doesn't cry
• ends up sleeping in our bed too often cause mom falls asleep while feeding him
• has no schedule at all except in the afternoon he has a sleep from 2:30-4. Other than that who knows when he is going to sleep or want to eat
• has the loudest diaper explosions (as the kids call it) you have ever heard.
• has blue eyes just like his dad and brother and sister
• likes tummy time and takes his naps that way
• can hold his head still and up for about a minute
• is so absolutely cuddly
• is trying to learn to take a soother (well his mom is trying to make him)
• is finally not screaming during his bath but sitting very very still
• loves to stay up late
• loves to watch his mobile in his crib and the fish in his bouncy chair
• has a smile that lights up his whole face, but you really have to work for it
• is a really happy baby unless he has to poop or fart

and me....
I'm enjoying this daily.


KellyLady said...

such a fun post Rhonda! Loved all the pics and info

Heather M. said...

What a great post! Loved reading the updates on all the kiddos! They are all growing like crazy!

Brianne said...

So cute! Lucy reminds me so much of Cassie.

whitney said...

Grrrreat lists! How do you find the time?

Carmen said...

So sweet. Everyone is growing so fast...

Christina said...

Your kids are so cute! So glad that Lucy can dress herself - it gives me hope! Yesterday Delia threw a huge tantrum because I wouldn't change her clothes for the 20th time!

Jodi Pilling said...

What a CUTE post Rhonda. Great idea too, I'll have to steal it from you. LOL!

Jess said...

Love the last pic. So adorable. Your kids are totally cute and I loved seeing them at the reunion. Hopefully the sleep gets better.