Friday, August 08, 2008

Link-ity Link Link Link

The reunion was good. Lucy ended up sleeping the house with me and Eli. I was pretty sleepy the next day, but as of lately that is par for the course around here!

Some blogs and sites that I love that I wanted to share.

1.Soule Mama A momma named Amanda. She has this book which as I am reading it sounds a lot like my childhood. All the things she does with her kiddos, my momma did with us. Not all of them. But a lot of it is so second nature to my way of thinking cause of my mom. And yes all of my siblings are creative.

2. Simple Mom i love this site. Great ideas about being a momma. I just found it recently and I'll already hooked!

3. Pioneer Woman I looooove her site. The cooking - fabulous. The writing - witty. The photography - amazing. This whole site rocks!

4. Sew Mama Sew Love this blog for all things sewing. I mean how cute is this??? I totally want to make one for my kiddos!!!!

5. Decorative Country Living I think this is a whole site full of eye candy. I'd love to buy beautiful things for my home (when I get one) from here!

6.Let's explore I love the fun ideas on this site. And I really wanna order some of the cool-io things in their shop!

7. Jennifer Really enjoying her scrapbooking style lately. It's so happy and bright. And so are her kiddos and pictures.I have lots of scrapbooking blogs I love... but this one is fairly new to me and I love it!

What sites are you a big fan of??

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Heather M. said...

Awesome links! I love reading Amanda Soule's blog too!