Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy and thankful.

We're happy.
Happy and thankful.

For Heather, who took lovely pictures of Eli. Who brought a huge basket full of books, magazines, diapers, chocolate treats, outfits and a wonderful dinner.

For Andrea who hosted a baby pool and sent lovely gifts from the lovely kind ladies at Scraptivity who sent wonderful gifts both scrapbooking stuff and cute outfits for Eli.

For Crystal, who is as generous as her daughter Heather, sending baby gifts and books for both Alden and Lucy too.

For the Pilling family, mailing a Nova Scotia shirt for Eli and stickers for the other two.

For dinner every night for a week brought from Karen, Stephanie, Heather, Kim, Phil & Lisa.

For my neighbors who have been checking on me and letting my big kids play at their houses. (Especially on days when we have an 5 hour ER visit from Lucy finding the Tylenol 3 with Codine.)

For a weekend with most of my whole family in Radium. Where everyone else went to the pool and had fun and I slept, read and held Eli.

Many times I think people are way to kind to me. Way more than I deserve.
I am extremely grateful.
Grateful for Alden and Regan.
And grateful for these two.


JA Crew said...

cute pictures. and i'm glad you've had a lot of people there to help you. sure makes a difference. i hope lucy's ok! scary!!!

Heather M. said...

love you! wish i lived closer so i could do more for you.
it's so wonderful to have people do things for you. i'm so happy that you have found some support here.
i hope lucy is okay too. how scary.
big hugs to you, my dear friend.

Carmen said...

Oh dear... Hope Lucy is okay! That is scary. Great pics!!

Anonymous said...

Hope Lucy is okay after her find...your pictures are darling!