Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eli and Lucy

Some new pictures of little Eli.

And a few of you asked about Lucy's ER experience.

The night before little Eli decided he wanted to stay up til 1am.... so in the morning I was a little groggy.... anyway I was downstairs and Lucy was upstairs by herself. She came down eventually and ran upstairs to change Eli and found a bottle of Tylenol 3's open and spread all over the floor.

I asked her how many she ate and she said none..... so I thought I'd just watch her and see what she did. Fast forward an hour and she pukes twice. But she still says she didn't eat any pills and that she feels great.
I really needed to go to the grocery store and she had stopped puking, so we went. Got things into my cart at the store and she pukes all over them. And some lady was absolutely disgusted with me. She rolled her eyes and was like "well okay then"

Lucy starts getting really sleepy in the van. Red eyes. Staring into space. Come home (quickly) call my FIL and he says I should call poison control just to be safe. They tell me to go the ER.

So Lucy, Eli and I spent 6 hours being "observed" and having her blood taken waiting for results. The amounts were so low that they sent us home.

The classic Lucy part of the day?? She sat perfectly still while they took her blood. The nurses commented on how she did better than some adults. But then had a great big freak out at the hospital cause she wanted to stay (since she got to lay on a warm bed and watch tv all day.) That is my girl.


Heather M. said...

Sweet photos! He looks so different already! I can't get over it!
That would have been so scary with Lucy! What a little monkey! I'm glad everything turned out okay though.

Crystal said...

You must have been scared when you found that bottle - I would have been!! Always some new adventure with kids, isn't there? And Eli is changing so much. Nearly a month old - time goes by so quickly. I'm glad you are able to share so many pictures with us.

Jessie said...

It is amazing how our little ones can get into things! Glad that everything is okay with Lucy! Cute pics too!

JA Crew said...

i'm glad she's ok. sooo scary! super cute pictures!

Melissa said...

i'm loving your pics. ok so i checked the recipe blog just to see if anyone was still posting and of course you are, the mom that just had a baby. i love that you some how find time for everything, you amaze me rhonda!

Let the party begin... said...

What a scare that must have been for you with Lucy! The adventures never end. I love the pictures of Eli!

Mary said...

Oh my goodness! That is so scary - I am glad Lucy is ok!

Love those new photos of your little guy!

Heather said...

Oh no!! I just put the medication up so they will have to climb to get it. I'd rather have bumps and bruises than have to go through that. HUGS!! WOW it's usually the boys that get into trouble.