Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photo Talk: photos and more photos

i've been up to my eyeballs in photo editing.
And that is cooooool. :)
Lots of new ones on my photo blog.
Photography Blog
check em out.
Another one still to post and a new shoot tomorrow.

AND i've started a blog with some friends and sister in laws - where we all exchange recipes. We were going to email them each week - but this way if I lose it - it's still here. And you can search with it too. all in all - good idea by Regan to make it into a blog. Everyday Meals

AND Alden started swimming lessons today. And he loved it. Seriously excited about getting him involved in things. Letting him experience things and interact with other kiddos. So good for him. And so good for me.

AND seriously Sanjia is STILL on american idol. I think he is awful.
Send him home already people!

Peace out.


The Nelson Family said...

Oh Rhonda.....I feel the Sanjaya pain......I just don't know what those Americans are hearing on their tvs!!!! I will never watch that show again if he somehow just gets more and more painful to see him every week!! Hope all is well out your way.....6 weeks to go on this end....yipee!!!

Heather M. said...

Awesome photos!!!! TFS!
We are starting swimming lessons next week - can't wait!!!

MonaS! said...

Neat blog Rhonda! Some yummy stuff over there. I know about the Sanjaya pain - UGH, he is just painful. Hope you have a good day - off to check your photoblog!