Thursday, April 05, 2007

1. Last week I was down South at my inlaws for a week. It was lots of fun times. Got to hang out with my sister in laws Lindsay and Susie and momma Steed. We had fun. And our kids really enjoyed each other.

2. I also visted my mom one day and got to see almost all my sister in laws on my side too. Got some cute photos of cute little Jacob. My youngest brother Justin's youngest baby boy. Is he not just a doll!! Look at those eyes. Beeeeeeauitful.

3. And little Lucy got her first little pig tales. Seriously how cute is THAT! She can't have real piggies yet.... but this is definately a START!

4. It is April 1st. Even though it doesn't look a BIT like it outside. (Stinking snow) So the new kit is out at Scraptivity. Here are two of my pages. I had lots of fun with this kit. Not my usual paper I would buy. But I enjoyed it. Had some fun with photoshop too - so that always makes things funner!

5. We are headed back down south for the weekend so Regan can do shadowing with his dad in the ER in Raymond. And so we can have easter with the family.

6. If you get a chance to read the Calgary Herald today, read the great letter from Regan to the editor about religion and education. GREAT job by Regan.

7. Last week while I was down south I got to have lunch and a little play date with the fabulous Rebecca Cooper. Seriously cute. Of course talented. And really really nice. (She has a book coming out- which is COOL.)

So long for now. :)


Anonymous said...

Okay, the beginning piggies - the cutest thing ever!! And totally awesome layouts. You are so inspiring!! Have a wonderful Easter!!


Kimmie said...

sounds like a full life you have, blessed all the way, love your Lo's!!!

Anonymous said...

I am at work and I can't sign in with my name - this is Whitney. Yep, just hanging out at work at 3:30. Love the piggie tails Lulu! Everyone here loves your photos. I'll be signing up for some more family photos come better spring weather. I'll "pay" you by having Brad build you something!

MonaS! said...

The piggies are tooooo cute! The los are beautiful - LOVE that Tinkering Ink paper. Hope you have a blessed Easter holiday Rhonda!

LindsayB said...

We should have got Alli and Lucy pictures together with their pigtails! It was sooo fun to hang out for a few days with you guys. I love that layout of you.

rebecca cooper said...

it was so fun to meet you Rhonda!