Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What a weekend

It was the best of times....
it was the worst of times....

That famous quote was coming to my mind a few times this past weekend.

Friday was a good day.
We have a new family tradition.
Every friday we have a family party.
Regan. Alden. Lucy and me.
Something together.
We've played games, had a fondue and watched Ice Age 2.
An activity as a family.
Well this past friday we went to the zoo. And it was probably the best visit yet. The aminals were all close and we could see them easily in all the white snow. It was a great time.
Then after we went to eat out at Swiss Chalet.
(Thanks Lindsay)
It was all good.

I had a primary activity I was running at the church.
2 hours. Mistake. I should have only made it 1 hour.
I ran out of activity half way through.
Then at the end, everyone was gone.
Except me and Alden and Emily and her son Nate.
I was cleaning up. And realized I couldn't find Alden.
I started looking.
40 minutes.
He was lost for 40 minutes.
I was in a panic.
Complete and utter panic.
Tears. Prayer.

And finally Emily found him.
In a closet.
Eating a muffin.

Classic Alden.
He had had a pee accident cause he couldn't get the bathroom door open, so he had taken his clothes off. So he was in the closet eating the left over snacks from the activity.
It's funny now. But on Saturday I was a bit of a mess.
So we came home.
And a little bit later.... Alden started puking.
Projecticle puking.
On the couch. the carpet.
The toy basket.
The hall.
The toliet.

Let's just say I was happy when Saturday ended.

On a completely different note, I had a fun photo shoot with my good friend Sarah.
You can see it here on my photo blog.

Peace out.


Jodi Pilling said...

OH Rhonda, you POOR girl. I would have been a mess too if one of my kids were lost. I have to admit though, reading about Alden I had to smile and chuckle. It really is funny...now. Something to write down in your journal...and maybe share at his wedding!! LOL!

LindsayB said...

Oh my 40 minutes is a long time to be lost in a big church with lots of doors to outside. But classisc Alden, just hangin out by himself. Also, you know I understand the primary party sitaution! But I bet it sooo fun.

Heather said...

Oh no!! 40 minutes is a long time and LOL! on the naked bit. That would be Micah too.

I love your idea of a family party day. I think I will try to see how we can do that here.

Crystal said...

Oh, you poor thing! What an awful day! I'm glad you have the memories from Friday to smile about.

MonaS! said...

Oh no! I would have been absolutely FRANTIC if one of my kids were gone that long. Funny how you found him tho! I would have had a hard time not laughing over finding him naked in the closet!

Love your Friday party idea - how great is that. Sounds like alot of fun