Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hello again

So seems I took a break for a few days. Well a week. After being sick (both kids are still) and trying to do a cookbook for my ward Relief Society Birthday Event, plus run the event.... I was tired. And since we have been sick all my work on my 21 day challenge went out the window. Since Lucy can't really breathe thru her nose so well, eating and sucking her thumb are a little tough. She has been all over the place with sleep and with eating. And Alden has been too. Yesterday morning when I went in his room to see if he was awake, he wasn't in his bed, he was sleeping underneath it. And he had taken off his pjs. He was freezing cold and shivering, but zonko. Silly silly boy! Probably didn't help his cold any!
Today I took Alden to get his hearing tested. The tester lady (that is her official title!) told me that there was so much wax in both his ears that his hearing is affected. He has diminished hearing in both ears. So I need to take him to the Dr to get it removed from both ears. She couldn't get a picture of his ear drums with her fancy machine because of all the wax. Maybe that is why he ignores me all the time..... Looks like he has a reason. :)
So this weekend Regan is off to Alberta again. This time for a job interview. Some how, we are going to move home soon. He leaves tomorrow night and will be back Saturday. Alden is going to be sad about it! (Me too!)
And on another note - my friend Kelly is getting married, and she asked me to be the photographer for it. How cool. I am totally excited. She was nervous to ask me as I am doing the decorations for it already - but I am sooooo excited to do the photos. Her big day is April 28th. How cool to do the photos. Especially cool that she is getting married!
That's life around here today.


Crystal said...

Hey, Rhonda -
Hang in there! Your days are jam packed but thanks for sharing with us anyway!! Good luck to Reagan with his interview - it must be hard to send him to AB and you have to stay behind. Hopefully you will all be back here soon!
((( HUGS )))

Carmen said...

I am happy to hear that you are feeling better - but don't over do it!! I hope the kids are back to normal soon!! And good luck to Regan with the job interview!! I am excited that you will be coming back "west" soon!!! hee hee

Heather M. said...

Hey girl! Good to see you posting again. I hope the kids are feeling better soon - that's gotta be hard to deal with. I'll be thinking about Regan tomorrow. I can't wait until you guys are out here and we can hang out!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

You will get home soon sure enough. So hard to just wait to hear though. Best wishes for the interview for Reagan.

Oh my I never thought of Micah's ears being full of wax. Totally possible since he won't let me clean them. Hope that's Alden is good and they can clean them out okay.

Sorry to hear about the kids being sick. Oh winter be over already.