Tuesday, March 07, 2006

days 4 & 5

Well I haven't been quite posting them... But here are days 4 & 5. I'll post 6 & 7 later.
This is hard to change. I must admit. Rough weekend for my goals.

On a funny note though, when the kids and I went to pick Regan up from the airport on Sunday night Alden kept saying that we needed to go to the airport. We were standing in the terminal waiting, so I told him we were at the airport and he said "But mom, I forgot my suitcase." Pretty cute huh. He was distraught to have his dad gone all weekend. He sure was one happy boy Sunday night.


Mary Mac said...

Totally love days 4 and 5 - such clean designs!

Love what Alden said - what a cutie!

Heather M. said...

Awesome designs, Rhonda!!! I'm loving your journal! And SO cute what Alden said!!!!!

Rhonna said...

Love the designs here...they have a lot of impact...

Heather said...

Love the obsticles and the target. Fabulous work again Rhonda!

How cute what Alden said.

mom said...

love reading your stuff and seeing your work and getting to know you better. love mom