Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I am at 31 (or 32??) weeks... and I still haven't taken my diabetes test.... I may keep forgetting. Whoops.

2. My grandma is here for the week. We are doing lots of baking and freezer meals. Christmas and baby prep.

3. I have become obsessed with making this bread from pinterest that is actually from here.

4. Basketball wrapped up for both kids. They both really loved it. (I watched Lucy a couple times and I think she was more interested in the social aspect... not that I was surprised by that!)

5. Speaking of this girl, she is such a social butterfly. I think in the past two weeks she has been invited to 4 or 5 different play dates. And she LOVES it. She love love loves playing with friends.

6. My back hurts. I walk like an old lady.

7. I am amazed at how many people have trees up already.

8. I love a good sunset.

9. I love board games... tried any lately you love?? Tis the season for games!

10. We had a fun pie potluck party with pingpong last weekend. It was a ton o fun and might become a tradition around our house.


Lisa C said...

Pie, potluck and pingpong sounds awesome!

Alysha said...

games (although not all "board" games...)- things in a box, clue, scrabble, farkle, nertz, rook. just a few i can think of off hand that we love

Heather M. said...

I've been making a similar bread from Pinterest lately too. So yummy! So glad your Gramma was able to spend some time with you. And can't believe that baby of yours is going to be here soon. Hang in there!