Monday, October 01, 2012

Hello October

It's October. That is insane.

Lack of sleep + cranky baby + extra call days for Regan = survival mode.

Do you have survival mode at your house?? At my house that means only the basics. We are talking just making dinner and enough laundry to wear and lots of trying to fit in sleeping somewhere. It also means less blogging and not going to extra meetings, etc.

I am feeling a bit more human this morning. I knew I was getting REALLY tired when random people (lots of them) were commenting on how tired I looked. Lots of people. hahahaha.

Now on to this week:
1. Lucy's Birthday Party
2. 2 Thanksgiving dinners
3. Some family pictures and an engagement session.
4. All those other regular things.

And back to blogging.


LindsayB said...

those random people are mean. you look fantastic! or i'm not very observant and now i'm mean for not noticing! if lucy has a birthday this week means alli has one next week and i haven't quite thought about it yet, yikes! jot down a stop by visit from us on your list this week too, it's been too long!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I remember one day (way back when) at church being pregnant, and actually feeling really good that day, and so many people commenting on how tired I looked...I felt like a deflated balloon. (and I kept thinking "how bad must I have been looking on the real tired days? Ha!")
So, you're playing Survivor at your house. Sounds like fun. I'll do Lucy's b-day party. I'll do the dinners - you'll have to do the photography because that's not my forte. Good luck. This too shall pass...
I think.

Brooke said...

I hate the you looked tired...I think it's just another way to say you look bad. Wish I was going to be there for a thanksgiving dinner.

The Lowry's said...

Hopefully life goes from survival mode to better. :) Whenever I'm tired I always think of someone who has more to be tired about, like you! and think I don't have it that bad :) Keep plugging along. Hope your garage sale went good. that in itself is a lot of work. Meant to stop by but didn't find the time. Cheers