Tuesday, October 09, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Conference was great. Lots of distractions this year so I am glad I can go back and listen and reread the inspired messages.

2. If you didn't see the post about Lucy's 7th birthday party go back to yesterday's post and read all about it.

3. Last week I got to go to Eli's preschool class and be a helper. Thank goodness I have a friend who will watch Oliver for me so I can do stuff like that!
Oct 27 2012

4. I've recently realized I love making homemade pizza. I always have but I got some restaurant pans and a pizza peel and stone and now I love it even MORE! We seem to have pizza on Fridays lately... a lot.
Oct 26 2012

5. Apparently I probably have something in my arms. That is quite painful... I can't remember the big medical name Regan told me it is. But it's like Carpel tunnel except in your elbows and the outside of your hands. It makes my hands weak and it makes my arms go numb a lot. It is really annoying... but at least I am throwing up less :)

6. Since it was Lucy's b-day this past week I made cupcakes for her class. Red Velvet cupcakes. Some times I wonder if other kids are like where are the normal white cupcakes when I bring stuff like this :) But Lucy's loves it and that is why I am doing it!
Oct 4, 2012

7. Are you thinking about Halloween costumes yet?

8. I am moving forward with my plans to make my blogs into one blog.

9. Speaking of my other blog, I've been busy putting up more pictures over there.

10. Oliver is pretty much walking. Still totally like a drunken man... but he can do it!


The Lowry's said...

We do pizza every friday too - whats a peel?

Brooke said...

I wish I could see Oliver walk...it sounds entertaining. Looks like a fun party too. Why do all kids love breakfast foods?

LindsayB said...

there may have been just a few distractions eh? i'm sure the kids are like oh gross who brought theses delicious pretty red cupcakes we want the cardboard kind we usually have from alli's mom (we would have to pretend that i actually brought cupcakes to school and the kids knew me to make this joke complete)

whitney said...

Don't worry, red velvet cake is the ONLY cake Roman will eat.
Carpel tunnel sucks, , I feel for you. Hope you can find something to make it better.

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

When I was pregnant with Grace I had terrible carpel tunnel in my wrists. Oh, it was awful. So painful. I couldn't do anything that used my hands or it would be even worse all night. I would wake up in pain and have to raise my hands in the air to help with swelling. Not cool, not cool.

Those cupcakes looks so good. mmmmmmmmm, icing!

Unknown said...

i'm jealous you're allowed to take treats in for birthdays. it makes me sad how strict our school is :(