Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10 On Tuesday

For this week's 10 on Tuesday I thought I'd share 10 random pictures from lately that I love.

1. He loves to show people how old he is now.
He's 4

2. He did a basket ball camp.
BB camp

3. A prairie sunset.
Prairie Sunset

4. One of the views from my parents home.
Hometown Views

5. He is often smiley.
Smiley Man

6. The cousins had a sleepover at Grandma Davis'.
Cousin Sleepover

7. She learned to ride a two wheeler. (Although she can't turn corners and is still quite nervous.)
Learning to Ride a 2 Wheeler

8. Lately I've been trying a lot more meals with potatoes cooked in various ways. This was one yummy way.
Yummy Potatoes

9. He celebrated a birthday.
Happy 34th B-Day

10. See... there he is again smiling.
Always smiley


LindsayB said...

TEETH! all of a sudden that cute big has 2 front teeth and is looking way to grown up!

Heather M. said...

rhonda, these are such awesome, awesome photos! totally love them. and i made those potatoes a couple weeks ago too and they were a big hit!

Unknown said...

ahhh love that last one!!