Wednesday, June 06, 2012

10 on Tuesday (on Wednesday)

1. When I spell Wednesday I always say in my mind while spelling "" so I can spell it right.

2. Our basement carpet is fixed. Just need the drywall and the fireplace tile to be fixed.

3. We had tons of Steed family fun on the weekend. Hence the no posts for a few days.

4. We went to Heritage Park on Monday too. (Just pulled the kids out of school.)
Riding the train
Big Smiles
Little Ferris Wheel

5. Oliver needs his first hair cut. I am NOT one of those moms who is emotionally attached to hair. If it's long, I get it cut. End of story. :)

6. What a great challenge this is over here to play WITH your kids. I am thinking I need to do it too.

7. Holy rain last night.

8. I have a good idea for Father's day this year. Now I just have to get to it and get it ordered and done.

9. Eli's 4th birthday is coming up fast.

10. I finally ordered and pretty cool camera bag. Just waiting for it to get here :)


Christy and Brett Bevans said...

I do the same thing with Wed-nes-day. As well as Fe-bru-ary.
I was hoping for a post all about the Steed family fun this weekend. Heard it was a great weekend.
I am that mom attached to hair. I have never cut Grace's hair. Even though it needs it. I am working myself up to trim it.
When Georgia had her surgery last year, out of all the crappy stuff that happened, I cried when they cut her hair (to take care of her terrible bedsore).

Alysha said...

I do the same thing with Wednesday haha glad I'm not alone ;)
ooo what camera bag did you get?

Amy said...

Haha, I do that pneumonia, pah-nooo-monia, and muscles, muskles, probably a few other words too.
I'm with ya on the hair thing. And I'm really not a fan of long hair on boys either, I can't stand it over their ears especially.
Heritage Park, fun! You're so good at making fun moments with the kids.

Susie said...

so much fun is right. i love the pic of oliver. i'm sad that talia is screaming her face off, someone feed that baby. ohh and i love sadie with the boys. seriously can you send me all the pics you have of my family, pretty please!! thanks

Linda said...

Great pictures of the Steed clan--so much fun and happiness.

LindsayB said...

oh such great pics! reg and oliver are to dire for. sage and me with those dang matching cardigans. we had such a fun weekend. ok, i love kids hair, we already knew that, i hate every cut my kids get. just don't buzz olivers hair ok?! he's too little! i'll cry if you do.