Tuesday, August 02, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. It was Regan's birthday yesterday. He was on call. Soooo we'll just pretend it's today and I'll bake him a cake and some food he loves. :) Happy Birthday to him!!

2. I haven't been posting as much lately. And YOU haven't been commenting as much lately.

3. Our house has sold. Let's all pray the financing and all that jazz goes through. Cause things are getting cut close here.

3. Speaking of yesterday, we spent the entire day in our pjs. (well not Reg, that'd be WERID in the ER!)

4. Our AC in our van died. Again. And the fan belt is making sweet loud noises. AND the electrical has some serious problems (which means we can't tell how much gas we have.) (which means we've run out on the side the the road.) (which means someone had to come and rescue us.) (which was TOTALLY awesome.)

5. More pictures to see on my photo blog. Go on now, go see and comment.

6. This baby moves A LOT. Like nothing I have experienced before in my previous 3 pregnancies. AT ALL. More movement than non movement.

7. Regan is a working doctor. It'll take me a while to get used to saying that.

8. My belly sticks out a LOT this pregnancy. Like a lot a lot. Haven't really gained a lot other places. Pictures to come soon!

9. I feel like everyone is off doing fun things are we are here at home doing a whole lot of nothing (except waiting and growing a belly.)

10. I'm going to need to start packing soon.


benjaminrowley78 said...

That is awesome that the house sold!!!!

Alysha said...

congrats on the house selling!!! what a relief!! bummer about the van. hopefully you can get that fixed fast. i wanna see this belly :)

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

I will keep my fingers crossed that everything goes through with the house!!

I feel like I am in good need of a PJ day.

Catherine Dabels said...
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Catherine Dabels said...

I'm not off doing fun things. Trust me. We are here waiting as well. Waiting for my house to sell so I'm not so poor all the time.

The good news is: I'm not waiting for a belly to grow. Phhheee-eewww.

No comments on my blog either. Barely. You did and so I thank you!

I hope you get your housing sorted out soon. That's very stressful.

My word verification is trundat. Which is almost like tru dat. Which is so profound. No?

Tisha said...

I hear you about the whole doing nothing while everyone else is off having fun! Crossing my fingers that everything goes through with the house!

Anonymous said...

House sold-yay!
Baby moving-means it's healthy!
Not doing much-I doubt it, you have 3 kids.
Don't be3 so hard on yourself.
Van-ug. We had to get a new one too.

Christal said...

Yeah that your house sold that is awesome but now where are you going?? Any news yet?? THat sucks about the van! Kind of need ac and gas to life these past few days ha ha! and most of the time to get anywhere! I hear you on the slow posting no commenting must be summer! ttys

Jessica D said...

Yay I'm glad and sad that your house sold and you are moving. I was secretly wishing you would have to stay. I will miss seeing you and your sweet little kiddies.

I have P.J days a lot more than I should.

Definitely Post pics.

The Steed's said...

We, I mean the kids mainly, have been have swimsuit days lately with the nice weather. It has cut down on laundry quite a bit. I just looked at your photo blog and I love the 10 year anniversary couple. I am going to start taking wedding photos for our anniversary and wear our original wedding attire, no matter how the dress fits!

Let the party begin... said...

Congratulations on selling your home...I feel a little relieved with your post. I thought I was the only one who felt like everyone is doing fun stuff while we're doing a lot of nothing, lol! As for posting, since hardly anyone comments it seems like a waste of time sometimes(just sometimes)to bother. Hope you solve your vehicle problems.

Brooke said...

I just hope you didn't jinx the house selling by putting it on the blog.

Jennifer said...

1.Happy (Belated) Birthday Reg
2.I haven't been posting or commenting either
3a.Hooray for the house selling! 3b.Scrubs really are like PJ's
4.Boo van...just get a new one. c'mon, you know you wanna
5.Love your pictures - like always
6.Maybe the baby is getting all the energy out now, and will be a quiet little girl?
7.See, you can buy a new van ;-)
8.Can't wait to see prego pics
9.I'm sitting around doing a bunch of nothing too...in a really small house
10.I wish I could come help you!
11.I MISS YOU!!! So I'm going to come visit in a couple weeks. I'll call you!