Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 on Tuesday (on Wednesday!)

1. Well I've been too stressed to post. :) But things are looking to work out. So I'll just update as to how things are now and skip over all the stress that has happened in the past month! We are moving to Raymond next week. Bought a house. Renting out our house.

2. Shot two weddings this past weekend and it just about killed me. :) A couple shots from each.
Mr & Mrs
Tyler & Arianne

3. One of those weddings was in Cranbook BC so Regan and I made a weekend of it and stayed there for a couple days. And seriously I sat around and did NOTHING since I could barely walk the next day.
aug 22 - 11 year get away

4. My friend Nichole took a few pictures of me when I was taking her family pictures last week. I was going to do a full photo shoot with my other friend but frankly I have no idea WHEN that would have worked out.
Me & Regan
Baby #4
The belly
5. I have been on hold at various utilities places for almost 2 hours now..... now THAT's a party!

6. Did I mention I was done being pregnant? Not actually done, but feel done. I have been having BAD Braxton Hicks contractions. Like keeping me up at night bad. So this morning when I couldn't sleep I got up and ate half a deep and delicious cake. With milk and a banana. You know, to balance it out. Well maybe it was only 1/3. But I've only gained 24 pounds so far this pregnancy. So let me eat my cake!

7. I am really behind on Foto Friday. Two pictures I did take but never posted from past weeks of it....
Week? : Water
and Bubble
Bubble: Week ?

8. She has taught her self to read. She thinks that in Grade one you should read. So she just did it. This morning I had taken her to the library and got a bunch of those level 1 and 2 readers and she sat on the couch for 2 hours and read them all. I tested her on the words you need to read by the end of grade one and she read all but 8 and then promptly sat down and studied them so she'd know ALL of them.
aug 8 - Reader

9. The kids and I were going a little mental with dad working so much. Sooo I enrolled them in a cartooning class at the Bowman Art's center here in town. They LOVED it.
aug 12 - Cartooning class

10. My inlaws garden at 6am. thanks to Eli :)
aug 11 - morning light


Lisha said...

Lucy is amazing! And I'm so glad you found a place in Raymond. Your preggo belly looks just so cute! Can't wait to see the new babe!

Christal said...

Can I just say I am totally excited for number one!!! and my kids are too! And for seriously love all your pics you are so cute! And Lucy is awesome what a go getter wish Lauren would do that but that's why they all come with their own personality's right!! Let me know what I can do to help:)

Chelsea Belle said...

Cameras can sure make 6 am a little less torturous huh.

Marie said...

Yay! For so many things! For a weekend away, for finding renters, for buying a house, for the end of stress, for only gaining 24 lbs, for beautiful wedding photos, for art classes, for flowers....

Looks like a lot of happy!

Tongue River Boulters said...

Glad things are working out, My question is the pic of you in cranbrook a sweater is it cold up there already??? Looking good though. Kari

Jen Isackson said...

Rhonda you look great! Almost done... you can get through this. Being pregnant makes everything a ZILLION times harder. You are still amazing.

Jaime said...

So exciting to have you move out to Raymond, hopefully we'll see you around!

Brooke said...

Wohoo, for the house and seriously I can't believe how much Lucy's read...she read all the signs for us on the hike.

Maria said...

Great photos! K so what are the words that kids need to know by the end of grade one? Thatcher couldn't care less about reading. Great.

Crystal said...

You look great! It's good to 'see' you again :) Yeah for Lucy! I love hearing reading success stories. She's going to love first grade. So glad to see you posting again. Good luck with the move and settling in. I hope you'll still be able to share often. How long till baby comes?

LindsayB said...

as soon as the stress of moving is over you can just sit and cuddle that new baby! can't wait for the move.

Amy said...

Ahhh, Nichole did a great job for you, what lovely belly photos. Loved this post, and the 17 year old one too. Cute.

this and and then said...

wow! Loved the flower picture!!! CTR!!!!(come to raymond)

Laura Beth said...

I love that skirt.

Visible Voice said...

Your photos get more amazing every day!