Friday, December 10, 2010


As we were walking in today at lunch time after picking up Alden from school.

Lucy: "Hey, who smells like Grandma Davis?"

Mom: " What does Grandma Davis smell like?"

Alden: "Potatoes!"

Mom: "Grandma Davis smells like potatoes?"

Alden: "Well she IS a gardener!"

Mom: "I don't think Grandma smells like potatoes"

Lucy: " I think she just smells like an old lady"

Mom: "What does that smell like?"

Lucy: "ummmm bread and.... potatoes?"

dec 8- christmas reflection


Catherine Grace Life Photography said...

Hilarious! Great pic too~!

Kristin said...

perfect! May I too smell of bread when I am an 'old lady'

Heather said...

Kids are so funny!!

Marie said...

I am this close to leaving a sack of potatoes on your door step.

KellyLady said...

That was a great giggle! Thanks! And LOVE the pic!

LindsayB said...

i wonder she thinks i smell like? most likely not food.

Abby said...

I hope I smell like bread and potatoes when I'm a grandma and not like mothballs.

Neat photo!