Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Lovely Links

I found some super cute things to share.

One: these camera bags oh MY I'd love one! Look at how CUTE they are!!!!!!

Two: Read this right here that the great photographer Erin Cobb wrote about taking a picture a day. I am trying to do again next year.

Three: Look at these lovely necklaces. As always classic and beautiful!

Four: Rebecca is doing some great blogging this december. I am going to be doing a post next week.

Five: Look at this GREAT idea for a gift. Love love love it! and Alden would sure love to get it! (and so would Lucy!)

Six: A fun game of Holiday Bingo we are going to play tonight that you can download and print to play with your kids.

Seven: I love these ornaments here

Eight: I love books. A LOT. A couple I've got my eye on. Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision and Vision Mongers.

Anything online caught your eye lately?


Catherine Grace Life Photography said...

Oh my gosh...Erin's books are such a beautiful way to save and print the photo a day. Love the camera bags too! Thanks for sharing this! Good stuff!

Susie said...

good links thanks. I am going to commit to the photo a day. I'm sad my printer is out of ink I wanna play bingo with the kids

Abby said...

Love the fort-building kit. My Dad bought one last year for Parker that has a stick and ball system (kind of like giant tinker toys) to build a frame with and then you drape a sheet over top - but it doesn't actually hold together so well, and Parker gets frustrated when his frame falls apart. The idea of the ropes, clamps, and suction cups is awesome! Maybe I'll have to try it next year.

Anonymous said...

my mom bought me within the frame - have been slowly reading it but am hoping i can get more into it over the holidays.

love the links you shared, as always. :)