Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photo Talk: Lately

I've been up to...editing. Lots of editing!!

No crafting time. (well actually I did get one project half done today - but it still needs a handle so it's not done). I have lots on my editing plate right now.
SOOO close to being done M&J's wedding.

Started a bit on N&M's wedding

Still have to a maternity shoot

A little girl

And my brother and SIL

And then all the ones of my own kids too.
(Alden at volleyball camp over Easter break)

I've been shooting A LOT lately. It'd be interesting to know how many shots I've already taking with my camera since I got it! So crafts gotta take a back burner while I edit!


Alysha said...

fun! I love editing :) can't wait to see all the finished photos

DeeMomof6 said...

Love all the editing you have done! I have been waiting to see N&M's photos since they told me your the one who took them... So excited. Love the shot of Alden at Volleyball camp.

Visible Voice said...

I'm learning quick that editing when it's a not so good shoot...makes it suuuuuper hard. :S Can you tell what my issues are? See this is what happens when people get me to do photos for them. Love how I make no sense? Mmm kay...going now.

Abby said...

*sigh* . . . every time I see beautiful wedding photos it always makes me wish I had better ones from my wedding! Everything looks stunning as always!