Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cousin Fun

So this last week I had my SIL'sLindsay's kids stay with us while they went to Mexico. (we are doing the ol' switcherooni so we can go to Utah this week). And I thought I'd share some of the fun we had around the house :)

Lucy and Alli are 6 days apart in age and good friends.

LOTS of jumping off the couch :)
Before the couch jumping started James was wearing other clothes... but then he said WAIT and ran downstairs and changed into his "game shirt" and shorts. Then he was back into jumping :)
Playing games
And just general goofing around...
James saying "RHONDA take my picture!!! Hi Rhonda!"
And lots of arts and crafts!
It was a good week full of volleyball camp (which I'll have to upload the pictures from that so you can see that soon too!) and lots of cousin time (and not much of Regan being around.)


Heather M. said...

Looks like the kids had LOTS of fun! You are such a good mama and sister-in-law. :)

KellyLady said...

Lots of fun!

Susie said...

I totally should've dropped Sadie off for the day. You wouldn't have even noticed right?! She saw the pics and asked to see them again & again. Love the air off the couch. You can't be cousin fun sometimes.

Alysha said...

looks like a lot of fun!! have fun in utah

Abby said...

cutie-patuties! :) I love it when the cousins come over (our kids just disappear - they're so good at entertaining each other!)

Jewels said...

fun pictures!! I love that you're casual enough to let the kids jump on the furniture - a big no-no at some people's houses, but really, it's just furniture :D

nichole said...

I was noticing the Big Letter S in front of your family picture. I love the idea!

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had lots of fun!