Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New York Day 4

Denise asked "What camera did you take along?" We've only got one. And it's my big Nikon D-80. So i took that :) But even if I had a smaller one, I would have take my big one. I see part of the pleasure of travel (not that I've done THAT much) as taking pictures in new places.

Crystal asked "How's your new house ??????" It's marvelous. We are still settling in. Getting things hung up, getting a fence put in so we have a yard, waiting for our new kitchen table and chairs to arrive. The thing I probably loving the most is totally the dishwasher. i looooooove it. :)

Day 4:
This day I had been waiting for. You might not know it about me, but I loooooooooooooooove art museums. Really I love all museums. But add in some art, and I'm in heaven!!! The Metropolitan Museum of Art was very very high on my list of things I wanted to do in New York. And Regan indulged me on it. We spent pretty much the entire day there. We got there a half an hour after it opened and stayed til it closed. And it was wonderful.

We started out in Greek and Roman Art in the Greek Scuplture Court.

Now just because I love art museums doesn't mean I buy into the full art way of thinking. I mean when I see the words "heroic nudity" used to describe Greek sculptures... i'm GONNA laugh! Or colossal or ample used for round ladies....


This is a mosaic made of teeny tiny pieces of rock.
The time and skill it would have taken to do this... amazing! And some rich person just had it made to fill a spot in their floor....

Be still my heart, it's the Great Hall

Hit Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas.
Now this picture does NOT do this justice AT all. It is actually the roof to a ceremonial hut. Each family paints a shield and a roof is made out of them. It would have four legs holding it up the air and the the ceremony would take place underneath it. It was huge too.

This is actually a carved boat from one of those human eating tribe way far away. Wonder if they had to sacrifice someone for the team to get it back?? :)

Quick stop in Modern art

Saw some Picasso. Which was totally cool. I saw a few REAL Picasso's.

The kooky but oh so fascinating work of Salvador Dali. See the Madonna and baby in the ear?

Lots of wonderful sculptures!

Another fascinating one.
This was actually telling the story of a man who was starving to death and his children loved him so much they were willing to let him eat them so that he wouldn't die. Hence the seriously torn look on his face.

Stopped in at the Cafeteria for a really surprising good lunch.

Then off to the European Paintings.
And the best of the day, 19th Century and Early 20th Century European Paintings and Sculpture.

Can you tell I am EXCITED here??
i looooooooove Monet.
Reg said I was a little like a kid in a candy store at this point.

love it

love, love, love it!

Then off to Musical Instruments (where we got to sit down and list to a performance by a women's choir), the American Wing,
(this one is one of Regan's favorite paintings of the day) the photo doesn't do it justice at all either!)

Drawings Paintings & photographs,
and Arms and Armour. Which was cooool.

i look tough eh?

Had to walk back through Central Park so we looked for Belvedere Castle which was awesome!

The view from Belvedere Castle.

Amazing greenery around the castle (and really through out the whole park!)

This sums up my feelings on the MET.

While walking back down Broadway we spotted this...
The New York LDS Temple.

Ended the day with the Phantom of the Opera.

I've wanted to see this for a while. It was so different from In the Heights. Couldn't BE more different. The stage work, the costumes, the chandelier falling. All amazing. And of course the music was amazing.

Dinner at a Greek restaurant in Hell's Kitchen.
Back to Susie's to crash.


KellyLady said...

wow girl. reading and looking at your pictures is suddenly creating an interest in visiting New York! I'm thrilled you guys had such a great time at the museum and JEALOUS you got to see Phantom!

whitney said...

Love all your pics and posts! I have been so busy with moving and trying to get things put away I have been slacking big time on my blog checking. So I was very excited to see all your NYC pics!

Amy said...

Sorry, I love art, but definitely not that much haha. It's fun to see pics of you enjoying yourself at the museum though. I was looking at that picture of the sculpture of naked men smothering the one stressed out man and wondering what the heck?...then I saw your explanation. Makes sense, but still weird.
Now, seeing the LDS temple, Central Park, Belvedere Castle and Phantom would be awesome!

Jewels said...

whoa!!! the lds temple in ny is TOTALLY not how I would have expected it, but looking at it, how could it possibly be any different?

love your pictures and your posts! looks like you're having so much fun!!

Lora said...

I had no idea why you were so excited about a street corner until read what you wrote. I looked back and saw the Temple. Did you have time to visit it? I'm also a fan of Monet.

Alysha said...

Looks awesome! Phantom is AWESOME! and to see it on Broadway - WOW!

Carmen said...

I too am an art freak! I would never have left... Marc would have had to drag me out kicking and screaming. Awesome pics!!

Heather M. said...

I had no idea you loved art that much! I'm glad you got to spend so much time there! :)

I hope you guys are settling in well! We miss you!