Saturday, June 06, 2009

New York Day 3

Heather asked "how did the kids do while you were gone?" All of them did great. Eli slept okay. Which is about all we could expect for him. Alden and Lucy were their usual pretty easy going selves (and besides they were at grandma's which is always fun!) I am very grateful that both my mother in law and my sister in law Lindsay watched our kids for us so we can do this. I've said thank you. But I really mean it. Thanks again!!

Day 3.
My legs and feet were tired before we even started! But we walked anyways!

We started out going on the subway down to the south tip of Manhattan. To be honest I was quite nervous about getting on a New York subway. It wasn't so bad. Waaay cleaner than I had expected. And no scary people. (phew)

The subway took us right down by ground zero. Right between where the twin towers were was a neat church with a graveyard.

It was the church that the fire fighters and volunteers all went to when they needed a break. It had a very moving tribute to all the volunteers and the firefighters who died in it.

We went to a museum down there dedicated all to Sept 11th and all those who died. I remember very vividly where I was that day. I had just gotten to work at the Lethbridge Herald. And the wires and the tvs were going crazy with information coming in. And the newsroom was buzzing. And I remember standing staring at the tv in shock. In a lot of ways I have no connection to Sept 11th. I live in a relatively quiet, safe environment. But being there and seeing all the memorials moved me. I know death and I've felt the loss of it. And seeing all the mementos of aching loved ones left behind. Wow. That's all I can say.

Then on to a huge store called Century 21. For shopping. It was crazy and huge and lots of sweet clothes. We spent some moooooola there.

Then on to the Brooklyn Bridge
Hard to get a photo of you on the bridge without anyone else on it! There were lots of people around there!

Reg-o-rama on BB. (Notice the big Century 21 bag in his hand)

This picture just makes me think of....
spider man spider man, does whatever a spider can...

Since I knew we were going to NY I wanted a picture of a street lined with taxis.
This was as close as I came. They're there... far away.

And so many door ways that were so cool.
This one is down by wall street. Saw the big bull (it was surrounded by people waiting to take pictures and really I didn't care enough to wait in line to take a shot of it! So just trust me in saying we saw it)

On to a famous church on the corner of Wall Street and Broadway.
And inside there just happened to be a symphony practicing. So we got to sit down and enough amazing music for half an hour (or more)

Then we walked to China town. Which was crazy. Walking down crazy busy streets with people standing on the side whispering brand names to you. "Hey pretty lady you want Gucci?" Stuff like that. We walked until I heard purse brands and then we followed some strange person into a hidden room at the back of a store. Where they had to knock to get us in. And I picked out my purse. It was weird. And a little creepy. But I got a rocking purse that I love. And it's a Versace. Well not really. But it looks like one :) China town was waay to crazy to take any photos. I was just trying to walk and stay close to Reg.

Then on to Little Italy.
Little Italy
We stopped in a real Italian bakery and had some sweeet pastries. mmmmm.

Just a little break at another cool door... ooh and there's my cool purse too!

Okay let's face it I made reg take my picture at the cool door.

Then on to Washington Square park and a quaint bookstore.
I was dying at this point for somewhere to sit down....
But it wasn't happening on here.
Cause it was like Rush hour. We caught the subway back up to Midtown (where Susie lives) And I thought I was going to vomit from nervousness of all the people standing squished against us. And a lady on the train started freaking out a bit cause someone was grabbing her.....

But it all worked out okay. We got off at a good stop and no funny business.

Got a snack and then went to In the Heights

An amazing Broadway show. We had sweet tickets.
The set from our seats.

I felt like we walked for AGES on this day! I tried to map it out on google maps. Now this isn't the EXACT streets we walked on. But it's pretty close. We got lost a few times, did a lot of backtracking. And a lot of walking!
This is just our walking in the south end where got off and on the subway. But it kinda of gives you the idea of where we walked. (in case you are wondering this map shows 6.2 miles of walking)

Then we went out to eat and home to Susie's to crash til the morning.


The Blakeney's said...

you know what i love?
that you are IN a lot of these pictures. usually you are the one taking them, so that's cool :)

Let the party begin... said...

My legs were starting to ache after seeing that map. Love the purse. Great shots and I agree with Julia, it's nice to see you in them for a change.

Denise said...

OMGosh Rhonda ... you have some amazing photos and it looks like you had a fantastic time. So much to see. I am debating which camera to take with me when I go. I don't really want to haul something big around but I totally want the quality my DSLR offers. What camera did you take along?

Alysha said...

i LOVE the "spiderman" picture! that's wicked! all of them are! picture heaven. and that's a TON of walking!!!

Carmen said...

Love the scenery, but LOVE the bag even more!! Great buy!!

Crystal said...

WOW - that's a lot of walking!!! That purse is great - so you!! And I love all the pictures of you too. I see some SB LOs coming soon :)) I'm curious about your answer to the camera question too.

How's your new house ??????

Steff said...

I'm loving the day by day travelogue. Sorry you were so freaked out by the subway. I love the picture of you in the doorway with the #42. This makes me want to travel! (Don't tell Dustin)

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Lovely pics hun..glad you had fun!

LindsayB said...

my feet are having flashbacks, and i'm loving every second of my flashbacks.

Amy said...

I agree, it's fun seeing pictures of you in N.Y. Great picture of the Brooklyn Bridge, the subway (sure captures the craziness) and you at the door (good job Regan)! It's nice to see the sights of New York from your photographer's eyes, I would have never thought to take a picture of me at a door but it is such a cool door! And your photos are so beautiful. I think I would like the restaurants in Little Italy too much haha. And I would have to work out extra just to prepare for a walking trip like N.Y.

Heather M. said...

awesome photos! i love your purse too! i'm glad the kids did well while you were away!