Tuesday, June 12, 2007


so I am back. :) online that is.
we got a fancy new computer. love it.
really enjoying it A LOT.
Just got it today.

Besides not having the internet or checking my email,
i've been doing photo shoots (you can see them here)

hanging out out side (except for those insanly rainy days)

been scrapbooking....

hanging out with friends, and going to the zoo.

Tomorrow my good friend Kelly is coming all the way from Nova Scotia for a week.
Fun Times!!!


Crystal said...

Yeah - you're back!!! I love your LOs - so fresh and fun. I am so looking forward to more creative time in a few weeks :))

LindsayB said...

Lucky lucky new computer. Your pages are so cute. I like the Lucy eating one with all the little pictures, but the journaling on the bike one cracks me up. Have fun week with your friend!

whitneyjdavis said...

Glad to see more pages, you haven't put any on for awhile. Brilliant as usual!
Better keep quiet about the needing a new computer thing, it will only fuel the fire of Brad and Sean forever hating apples.

Carmen said...

Cool layouts!! Good to have you back! Enjoy the new 'puter!!

Susie said...

I can picture you on the "bike ride" to the park. JUST doing it all, thats your style so funny! Great pages, you're so good at keeping up on your kids pages. See ya soon

Heather M. said...

Wooooohhhhhhooooo!!! New computer! YAY!
Awesome new layouts! So fun!
Glad to see you back online!

MonaS! said...

Glad to see you back Rhonda! Loving the los. The one of Lucy is tooo cute! Hope you are enjoying your new computer.

Rashelle said...

Your pages look great, it looks like your enjoying summer and your kids look so cute.