Friday, May 19, 2006


• our house is going up on the market on monday. i might post a link so ya'll can see my house on MLS. really it would be the only time any on my siblings (or reg's) will ever see it. lots of work to sell a house with small kids. i've done a lot the past two weeks and it looks like i will still be working lots til it sells.

• been taking photos of the kids and playing in photoshop. photoshop rules. it was part of my college education and i used to use it every day at work in the prebaby life, but i have kind of gotten out of it. felt good today to play with it. these are my outcome. got inspired to try from HeatherM's blog. Found a whole pile of brushes and stuff to use. there will be more to come. :)

• converstation with alden yesterday.

alden: "mom, i'm a big boy right?"
ME: "yes, and who is Lucy?"
alden: "a little special baby."

• I guess I should say one thing about medical school. if I could stick my tounge out over the internet I would. we are on the wait list. and no they won't tell you what number. and yes we are going to wait. we have been waiting for 5 years. so what's 2 more months. right?

As long as we can get a babysitter we are going to parenting seminar tonight from this guy . We've been to one from him before and he is great. So I really want to find a babysitter.


Carmen said...

I love the pictures!! Good luck with the house. I know it is a lot of work getting it prepped - but the more work you put in, the more $$ you get out!! Remember that!!

Cate said...

So, does that mean that Alden got in...if others turn it down? That's nice that you know something at least instead of still waiting to hear anything.

Lucy looks so big in that picture! She must be sprouting like crazy!

LindsayB said...

Oh wow, those pictures are so beautiful. I really need you to teach me that.

I'm still so sad about the med school news. I'll babysit for ya anytime coming up soon!

Heather said...

Great pictures and oh how Lucy is growing.

Best wishes with the house. Make sure you take lots of momento photos of the things you love about it.

Praying for good news soon on the medical school.

Tammy said...

Good luck with the sale of your house! It's hard work, but will be worth it. Actually you don't have to put in tons of work to make extra money. The cleaner and brighter the house is, the better the price you will get for it. That is what our real-estate person told us. Our place sold before we painted and did repairs. It's your real-estate agent that gets the best price by offering a dream. So make sure your RE person is a good one!

Love your photoshop photo borders! I've been creating my own lately and playing. It's so much fun!

How frustrating about Medical school!! Being on the list is better then being told no, so I will wish for many to drop out so Regan gets in!!

I hope you find a babysitter, I alwas find those seminars uplifting and helpful!

Take care,

Heather M. said...

Okay, TOTALLY love the photos with the borders!!!! GORGEOUS, girl!!! Good luck with the house and med school!!!! Hugs!

Melissa said...

Those photos are gorgeous! Love what you did with them!!

Good luck with the house - dont worry! Everything will work out!

Mary Mac said...

Love the PS work on those photos - so cooL!