Monday, May 15, 2006

ode to my mom

my mother taught me
to sew
to cook
to paint and draw,
sculpture, charcol, pencils and water colors,
about color
about art and expressing myself
laundry and money managment
i have the power to change
that prayer can move mountains
how to create and try new things
that the best job in the world is being at home with my kids
how to have a good marriage
the true meaning of enduring to the end
how to work and not complain
to garden and grow things
to read my scriptures
to always put my family first
homemade is always best
to love myself for my kids
a soft answer turneth away wrath
to give love to everyone around you
to repent every day
i create perfectly because it is a part of me
to attend the temple
and hug my kids every day
that honest is always the best policy
what unconditional love feels like
doesn't matter how much is in the bank as long as your heart is full
i love you momma.
happy mother's day.
wish i could have seen you


whitney said...

Your momma (my momma #2) did a great job! I know Brad learned all this too, and for that I will be forever in dept to her for giving me such a great hubby. She is an amazing woman. Sorry you couldn't be with her. Hope you had a great mothers day.

Carmen said...

That is a lovely tribute!!

Crystal said...

That is beautiful, Rhonda! I'm sure your Mom loved it and totally missed seeing you. Hopefully you will be back in Alberta soon. I can tell that you are the same kind of mom as she is! And that's the best present you can give her!!

Heather said...

I love the list. You got me crying and I don't even know your mom. So sweet and hope you can be reunited soon.

twistedsoda said...

your a beautiful daughter!

Tammy said...

I was so inspired by your list Rhonda, you have been very blessed!! Thank you for sharing!

Heather M. said...

That is so awesome! I'm so glad you have a wonderful mom like that and that because of her example you are an amazing mom as well.

mom said...

You are thousands of miles away, but your love for me gives me strength and comfort every day. I love you so much sweetheart! Thank-you for loving me back. I can hardly wait until you're home and we can play together. (and so I can be with the grandkids of course) Close your eyes and consider yourself hugged! Soon I can give you one for real!