Monday, April 24, 2006

spring has sprung

spring has sprung,
the grass is ris,
i wonder where the birdes is.

my dad always used to say that to us when we were younger.
and today as we were driving in the pouring rain
i thought of it
classic maritime spring weather
fog and rain
wet fog
cold rain
love the maritime spring

on another note,
my mom and dad bought a new house
i am so excited for them.
they are moving from our dear little village
Hill Spring
to the big city
big to them anyway

it has more than 200 people
and that is big.

I am soooo very excited for them
So many changes for them.

As I have been talking with my mom about all these changes it made me think
(not that this is a new thought!)
i am so very glad we are going to move home
and be around when the changes occur.
That makes me happy.

Despite the maritime spring weather.


whitney said...

Yippi! I am excited about the new house too. I can't wait till they are all moved in and you guys are moved home and the whole family is together again!

Carmen said...

How exciting for your parents!!
You should move to BC. Ya. Our Spring is gorgeous!! Today - 15 degrees and sunny!! Lovely. Come here!!

Heather M. said...

That is so awesome for your parents!!!! It will be so good when you guys are back here - able to share all those things with your family again!