Monday, April 17, 2006

The 21 day challenge is up and I did it. :) I am so pleased. Will be posting the rest of my pages soon. Been busy being a mom and enjoying my kiddies and easter and my wonderful hubby. Good times.
Been taking LOTS of photos. My kids are just too cute. And i like taking them. Hence the 5000+ photos in my iPhoto library. :)

Made this fun little project today. It matches something I made for Regan last V-Day. Gonna hang them right beside each other.

Alden's best friend Fraser Thomson moved home to Alberta this week. We are going to miss them sooo much. Love the Thomson's. Got some really good shots of them just being themselves. Fraser, Alden and Jane. The day after they left Alden cried to "move to alberta with fraser." If he only understood how much we are trying to move there.

As par tradition at my house. My babies at Easter have to have pictures with ears. I'll have to dig up Alden's from his first easter and comapre them. I know they look alike - Alden was just 3 pounds heavier. and 2 inches taller.

And a tender moment to share. Alden decided to do this all on his own. I took video too. It was a moment to remember. He brushed her hair and talked to her and played. And it lasted longer than ever before. It was wonderful.

Now I'm off to bed.
Happy Easter everyone!


Susie said...

Rhonda sounds like a great easter. So happy for you guys. Cherish the Alden and Lucy moments as they do seem to come only at the holidays jk! Darling pics I just love to see what is happening in your lives. hugs and kisses to the cutest nieces & nephew.

Crystal said...

I love your pictures, Rhonda!! What a beautiful family you have and it's heartwarming to see you enjoying being a mom. I love the last quote you posted from your journal. It totally was one I needed to read today. Thanks!

Carmen said...

Super cute pictures!!

whitney said...

Glad your challenge went well, looking forward to seeing the rest of the pages if you post them. I love the font that "Lucy Ann" is written in on the first page. Cute Cute kiddies.
Love you.

Heather M. said...

Oh, you have so many awesome photos! Congrats on finishing the challenge!! YOU DID IT! WTG, girl!!!!!!!

Mary Mac said...

Cute photos - every single one! I love the bunny ears!

twistedsoda said...

can I love your pictures any more than I do! Your dominoes are so so wonderful, very creative! They would match perfectly in my living room....hehehehe

Heather said...

Looks like you had a great Easter. I love the page of Alden and his friend. The stars are excellent. The pictures are all just fabulous and oh my how Lucy is growing way too fast.