Wednesday, December 14, 2005

lunch time imagination

Alden is so full of imagination lately. His play has taken on a whole new level and he is often around the house playing, talking or singing to himself. Often it is the Bob the Builder or Thomas the Train theme songs he is singing. Now the talking, I'm not always sure about. Some times it is easy to understand what he is saying, but often times he is talking so rapidly or quietly that I can not understand what he is saying. He also gets so caught up in his play that he is unaware of anyone or anything in his surroundings.
Yesterday at lunch, was such a play time. He was eating his peanut butter sandwhich and sitting on the heater in the kitchen. He was talking to himself, completely undiscernable to me, and eating his sandwich. It sounded like gibberish - but he would talk and then move his arms or start to laugh. I got down in front of him and he had no idea I was there. I took many photos of him and even when he looked in my direction, he wasn't looking at me... but past me. He was so involved in his imaginative situation that I wasn't there.
A few weeks ago, while playing in the basement playroom, he asked me to set up a tent with the couch pillows and a blanket. After I had built it pleasingly to him, he told me it was his farm and that he was a cow. I grabbed some stuffed animals for him to add to the farm, and he then told me that he was Farmer Ben (as in the Farmer in the Bearstein Bear books) and that those were his animals.
I love that he has such an imagination. It is so fun to see and so lively.


Kimmie said...

what awesome pics Rhonda!!! he is so handsome!

Tammy said...

Isn't 3 a fun age!! My DD is in the same stage and it is hilarious some of the things she things of. Tonight at supper she made up her own Princess story...I was blown away by her imagination. Fun times!

Fantastic photos, very handsome boy!

Heather said...

Great that you got those shots, love the imagainations they have at this age. Micah is playing cog and cat a lot lately. BUT I hate when you need to go somewhere and they are not done playing.