Tuesday, September 04, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Yesterday we did "get ready for school stuff". Which really included a lot of cleaning and some last minute laying around :) hahahaha.

2. Regan won the inaugural Labor Day tennis classic in a tiebreaker.

3. Last week Regan took a couple days off work. We went to the HooDoo's one day. We had fun.
Lucy in the Hoodoo's
(Lucy took this one of me and Eli)
Me & Eli

4. And I spent one day shopping in Calgary by myself. It was fun to have no one to stop and take to the bathroom or anyone being bored. But really the best part was meeting up with my good friend Sarah for a little bit. Ah I miss her.

5. I got to take few shots of my sweet new niece Ivy.
Sweet Baby Ivy

6. Do you see the face in the hoodoo??
Can you see the face?

7. Yep... almost a family picture but Alden wouldn't move down sooooo here we are.... kind of.
FAmily picture

8. Did I mention the basement is driving me crazy??

9. The kids started school today and they both came home happy. I'd say it was a success!

10. I realized this morning that I really need to go grocery shopping for basics.


Kristin said...

I always love seeing your pictures!...and reading your fun adventures (when I get the time)

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Who is this Kristin above me?!
It's even spelled the same...so weird.
I love your family picture at the end. It made me laugh! Brooke's baby is just gorgeous.
Look forward to seeing you soon! (maybe?!)

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

I can't believe you are halfway already (I know it was from last post).

We had our basement flood when we lived in Sasky, so annoying. It took them a year to finish it. Very annoying. But there was only 3 of us (grace was a tiny baby), no 6 of us. So I can't imagine.