Thursday, October 20, 2011

List 42 : Things I Wish I was better at


1. Parenting. There is a lot I could say about this. But I'll just leave it as that.

2. Knitting / crocheting (Easier to be better at it when you don't even know how to do it!) :)

3. Photography. I want to improve more.

4. Accomplishing things. Lately at least. But then I realize I've got a 4 week old.

5. Not caring what people think.

6. Sending thank you cards. It's my goal lately. I've sent out a few. I LOVE it when people take the time to say thank you to me, so I'm trying to do it for others.

And since I missed a few.... here is List 40 from two weeks ago....

List 40 : Things that Inspire Me:

1. My faith

2. this blog

3. Reading good books.

4. Stimulating conversation with great people

5. A good night's sleep.

6. Great photographs.


Christy's said...

I saw a sign the other day that offered knitting classes and thought that that would be really fun.

I wish I was more artistic.

I could make a huge list of things I wish I was better at. Patience would be at the top. lol.

LindsayB said...

I just was catching up on all your posts. you should be a birthday party planner! way back there is a pic of eli staring at oliver in the swing and i pretty much love it for some reason. like what in the world is eli thinking right?! and i don't believe you have been in my laundry room, it has a window, too bad it is the ugliest room in the house!

Heather M. said...

I can relate to several things on your list. :) I think you are pretty darn awesome though just the way you are.

And it's so good to see you back doing these lists.

Abby Metz said...

1. Me too

2. I can teach you how to knit!

6. I was totally surprised to get your card - wasn't expecting it at all! I'm so bad at things like that!