Thursday, February 17, 2011

Listography: Movies I can watch over and over

Funny this is the list this week since our yearly tradition is to watch the same movie for V-Day.

1. Return to me (V-Day)

2. 13 Going on 30. Totally cheesy and high school and i LOVE IT! HA!

3. Harry Potter's. Love them. Seen them all many times.

4. Sabrina. (The original with Audrey Hepburn. LOVE THIS MOVIE.)

5. Funny Face (with Audrey Hepburn. LOVE THIS MOVIE TOO!)

How about you?


Christy and Brett Bevans said...

You've got mail.

I could watch it over and over again. And I have, probably hundreds of times.

Let the party begin... said...

1. Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightly
2. Chances Are
3. Roman Holiday
4. Valentines Day
5. All the Jane Austen movies on PBS

There's probably more but just can't remember, lol!

Lora said...

1.You've Got Mail
2.The Harry Potter Movies(though I haven't seen them all)
3.My Big Fat Greek Wedding
4. The Chronicles of Narnia
5. Sabrina(the remake)

Anonymous said...

Harry Potter. All.
The Seventh Sign
The Fifth Element
Forest Gump
The Sound of Music...
I could go on and on.
I love a good movie.

Right now loving Despicable Me.

Mary MacAskill said...

ooh yes, I love Harry Potter. I don't think I've seen Return to Me or 13 Going on 30. I should put those on my list of check-outs!

LindsayB said...

i don't own you've got mail, but i would watch it a lot if i did! i have the bourne movies memorized, not because i love them, because derek watches them all.the.time. can't not end this without a little 17 again!

Heather M. said...

Oooh, I love Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn too!

Angela said...

Return to Me is one of my favorites. Give me a call next time you break it out!

Jaime said...

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days!

Shannon Guindon said...

1. 13 Going on 30
2. Sliding Doors
3. Sleepless in Seattle
4. All Twilight Saga movies (I know this counts for more than one, but
5. Pride and Predjudice (with Colin Firth)
...any I'm sure there are several more...

Let the party begin... said...

Oooooh I forgot about The Proposal!