Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Don't forget to check out this and enter. :)
There are some new photos over on my photo blog.

I've been editing and finishing my last two shoots so I can focus on packing and all that.

I've been feeling packing yet.... so I've only packed 3 boxes.
Haven't been feeling blogging either.
Wasn't sure what to post about.
Maybe some more scrappy shares....
or maybe a 10 month post about Eli....
or I could just mention how horrible his sleep is lately.... as I am trying to wean him so Regan and I can go to New York at the end of the month. (lots of crying going on around here... not too much from me yet.)

I think I've just got so much going on this month that I'm a little all over the place.
Regan just wrote his licensing exam yesterday. Which makes him officially done Medical School.
He writes a ATLC course this week. We have grad next week. (Plus a photo shoot for me) Then the week after we move (so we load up, drive south, walk thru, unload and move in) then the next week we (me and Reg) go to New York (super duper excited!) then I get back and shoot a wedding. Add in a few going away get togethers, regular mommy duties, editing photos, visiting teaching, and packing and that's May for us. Busy eh? But should be lots of fun and some good highlights!!


Kristi said...

You're a busy woman! Excited for your move and your trip for you!! Love that first picture! TRES cool! Is that how you spell "tres" or is it "tre"? Or maybe I should just use..."tray" and start a new trend.

Amy said...

I recognize that cutie from your last shoot ha ha, N and A made an adorable baby!
I hope you survive May. And when you're ready to relax over the summer at the spray parks give me a call.

The Blakeney's said...

that little girl is so sweet.
i know what you mean by not feelin the blogging. i have moments like that.
i also have to start packing for the big move back to the city. i'll help you if you help me haha.

Jennifer said...

Hey busy woman!! I feel your vibe! Good luck making it through the month :-)

That first picture is AMAZING!! I love it!!

whitney said...

I'm so excited!

Let the party begin... said...

Crazy, exciting and fun...tres busy as Kristi said.

Heather M. said...

Love those awesome photos! Good luck with the weaning. And you are gonna have such a great time in NYC!