Friday, April 11, 2008

In the Kitchen: How to make a banana airplane

First you need all the ingredients.
Peanut Butter
a banana
graham crackers
(and a table knife)

First peel that banana and cut it half lengthwise.
(ooh look... it's naked)

Then slather it with peanut butter on the banana.
(And don't be skimpy!)
Lucy wanted to do it "ALL BY MYSELF!"

Then add a graham cracker cut in half.
(it's the wings if you couldn't tell!)

Add the banana halves back together.

Using peanut butter, add some raisins for windows to your plane.

And then enjoy it.

Pose with it, as long as you have a cheesey grin to go with it.


JA Crew said...

how fun! what a great idea. cant' wait to try it out! and i love all the pictures

Jess said...

That is an awesome idea. You are so creative!

Emily Murdock said...

Little Lu looks so grown up. Good thing you're having another one 'cause she's not a baby anymore!
Looks like a fun treat! :)

Carmen said...

Too funny. We made apple "teeth" today. Along the same lines - you take a slice of apple and slather on the peanut butter and then dot the peanut butter with mini marshmallows. Delish! Thanks for sharing. My kids will love this one!

Susie said...

I will send my kids to you for all P.B treats I don't do peanut butter. Glad your little kiddies enjoyed it.

Heather M. said...

So fun! What a great idea!

whitney said...

Love it! Now if I could just get my kid to eat bananas... Seriously, what kid doesn't like bananas! Only mine.

Crystal said...

That is a really cute snack! I'll have to make if for my granddaughters. Lucy is so sweet!

Brianne said...

Just wanted to let you know that I made these...for myself. Minus the graham cracker. It was great. I have a big craving for fruit and peanut butter this time around and this hit the spot.

Hope you are feeling better.

LindsayB said...

alli and i made these yesterday and she was so excited. except then she just played with it like it was a toy airplane going until it broke and she was all peanut buttery!

Drennans said...

how is it that you can make a banana airplane look so awesome! I want to be you when I grow up for really!

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

tres creatif!